2008-09-10 NanoSPECT/CT user meeting

Post date: 2008/9/11 下午 09:38:58

在WMIC大會開始前, 廠商的user meeting多數已經展開, NanoSPECT/CT今年在Nice的 MUSEE ET SITE ARCHEOLOGIQUES 舉行了為期一天的會議,


  • Self introduction of user sites, 長庚也介紹了!
  • Guest presentation; "the use of 'Cognition Network Technology' in life sciences" by Dr. Johannes Zimmermann (Munich)
  • InVivoScope software update
  • Imalytics: data analysis
  • Stationary imaging on NanoSPECt/CT challenges and solutions by Dr. Nils Schramm (Juelich)
  • Gated Imaging on NanoSPECT/CT from prototype to standard lab tool
  • Applications live: Establishing an imaging assay with NanoSPEct/CT by Jack Hoppin (Bioscan)
  • User talk #1 High reoslution imaging of mice with NanoSPECT/Ct by Hirofumi Fujii (NCC East, Japan)
  • User talk #2 Imaging infection and inflammation in real time" by Dr. Sanjay K. Jain (Johns Hopkins)
  • User talk #3 Acquisition and reconstruction parameters on NanoSPECT/Ct and their influence on quantification" (Jan de Zwaart, Rotterdam)
  • User talk #4 SPECT imaging of cerebral ischemia in rats" by Dr. Juergen Goldschmidt (Magdeburg)
  • User talk #5 Genetically engineered spontaneous mouse modules of human cancer and their response to therapy" by Dr. Jos Jonkers (Amsterdam)

會議進行中也與廠家談到了目前CT data DICOM transfer速度緩慢的問題, 目前新軟體修正預計在十月份可以release, 暫時的解決之道, Jacob Hesterman也承諾先以PDF檔案方式寫程標準作業程序供使用者參考!

這次的user meeting也遇到了來自日本的Fujii博士 (藤井博史, Chief Functional imaging Division, Research Center for Innovative Oncology, National Cancer Center Hosptial East), 該中心也於近日購入NanoSPECT/CT從事癌爭相關研究, 在user meeting上, 該中心的Radionuclide Imaging section head Umeda 博士, 以及也針對NanoSPECT/CT的QA 研究提出報告!

除此, 也見到了來自新加坡的老朋友Para, 以及來自Nanyang technology university的Murukeshan Vadakke Matham (Associate professor, school of mechanical and aeorspace engineering).